What We Do


Speaker series

We organize a bi-weekly speaker series on topics related to energy, water, air pollution, climate change as they relate to the developing world, especially China, India, Latin America, and Africa. See our upcoming and past speakers here.



Each year we organize events to further encourage participation in the energy and human development spaces. Spring 2018 will feature a data-driven policy hackathon. Check back for more updates on the hackathon and how to sign up soon! 

Leadership Team


Roxanne Rahnama


Roxanne is a second year Master’s student in the Technology and Policy Program and a research assistant affiliated with the  MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design and MIT Energy Initiative. 

Prior to MIT, she received a B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Environmental Economics & Policy, with a minor in international development from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Roxanne’s research focus is on consumer dimensions of rural electrification in India. In particular, her work analyzes variations in rural and peri-urban energy demand behavior (for any combination of grid and/or off-grid connections), and the impact of government solar awareness and energy conservation campaigns on consumer perception/attitudes, preferences, and willingness-to-pay. 

mingHao qiu


Minghao is a Ph.D. Student in MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society (IDSS). His main research interests are in the fields of environmental policies and economics. He is interested in understanding the social-economic impacts of air pollution and climate change in developing economies like China. His most recent work evaluates the "co-benefits" of China's air pollution and energy policies using real-world data.

Prior to coming to MIT, Minghao received his bachelor's degrees in environmental science and economics at Peking University in China.

In his free time, Minghao loves playing basketball, running and reading novels.

meia alsup


Meia is an undergraduate at MIT studying computer science and minoring energy studies. She is interested in using technology to enable solutions in clean energy and sustainable development, and specifically excited about energy storage, grid reliability, energy access, and climate policy.

This past IAP, Meia worked at Enernet Global with Philip Henry de Frahan (a past e4dev speaker!), as a business development intern. With Enernet, she spent two weeks in the Philippines working to displace dirty island diesel generation with solar and battery systems, and to better enable sustainable development.

In her free time, Meia enjoys running, hiking, exploring the great outdoors, salsa dancing, learning languages, and meeting new people!

Sika Gadzanku


Sika is a Master's student in the Technology and Policy Program. Her research interests include power systems design in developing countries, optimization and interactions between international development, energy and the environment. She is currently assessing the water-energy nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Prior to MIT, Sika interned at Synapse Energy Economics, an electricity research and consulting firm. She obtained her Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Tufts University in 2017. 

Sruthi davuluri

Sruthi Picture.jpg

Sruthi is pursuing a Master’s in the Technology and Policy Program at MIT. She is interested in learning more about the economics of electricity markets. Currently,  Sruthi is working with a community solar company to create an Energy Score model to calculate the financial risk of extending solar energy options to lower-to-middle class consumers.

Prior to attending MIT, she completed her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at University of California – Berkeley, with a minor in environmental economics and policy. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and meeting new people!